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Ma~kun has been calling me up all the time, lately, grabbing me away to have lunch, or dinner, or an afternoon snack together. He seemed to really want some sort of company, I think, like he wants to forget about his problems. We were out for ice cream one night, talking about the usual stupid things, when he finally broke down and told me what's wrong.

So, I listened, a little awkward to see the man in near tears, as we sat on the park bench together.

Poor thing.

After he was done, I reached over and placed an arm around his shoulder, giving him a light kiss on top of his head. I had to tell him that I didn't know what he should do. I've never really loved anyone as much as he seemed to. It must be wonderful to have friends like Ken and Tachi, I told him. I'd do anything to have friends like that...

Then I let him go, giving a shrug... The only thing I could tell him was that if he really wanted to salvage things between him and his friends, he has to go for that extra mile to do it. He just needs to figure out what he should do. It's good that he's not giving up.

~grins~ Told him he went to the wrong person for advice on this one, too... what would I know, right? then I think I made some sort of crack, and he laughed. I smiled. It's better when he's laughing.
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