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Things are horrible- but what did you all expect?

Okay- so my job at NG is probably the best job I'll ever have the pleasure of having in my entire life span. My brother is paying me with Seguchi~san's money-- and he's taking advantage of this resource and letting his little sibling lead a leisurely life.

But I am antsy. And scared shitless. Of everything.

Seguchi~san's wife is planning to kill me!

And don't think I haven't been trying to talk sense to my brother. Every single day I'm trying to coax him out of this world-- gently and cautiously though-- scared to know what he'll do if he ever gets irritated with me. I don't want to find myself being hurled off that tall building or something. But everyday, he just grows more obsessed with where Eiri~san is, and what is Eiri~san doing, and who Eiri~san is with, etc. etc.

I keep running into Ma~kun around the building, too, and everytime he would ask me about what exactly is my job in NG-- I'd mumble out some BS or some excuse and run away. He probably thinks I'm annoyed with him again. But I can't worry about that now... I have a bigger problem at hand here...
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