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things are just getting stranger---

The last couple of days has been very odd...

I received an email from Seguchi~san a couple of days ago requesting my presence in his office to be his 'personal assisstant'. That definetely threw me off course- first words that popped in my head were 'what the fuck'. Therefore, not wanting to go against that man's wishes because he's kinda scary, I took the day off from my job and went.

I went to the office to find that... Seguchi wasn't exactly himself.


I bet you'll never believe what's going on now- even though I've been writing about incredibly whacked out things for the last past days!

Well, I'm leaving my day job. Apparently, I have a job now at NG Records... needless to say... a lot of people are surprised... and highly suspicious... don't know if this is the best idea, but... I want to be around, whatever happens.
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