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My co-workers and I were on a little break here at the bar, when one of them showed me this on the laptop we keep back here...


I don't know... I think some people I might know might take an interest in it... bwehehehehe... ^_~

As for Ma~kun visiting with his friends....... boy, Ken~chan and Tachi~san drinks a lot. I don't want to get into all the gory details, but they all ended up getting dragged back to my apartment that night (with the assistance of Hisa and another co-worker).

Well. I didn't know where the hell any of them lived, exactly, and I'm too cheap to pay for their cabs anyways :P

Tachi passed out on my couch, Ken~chan was on the floor in the living room, and Ma~kun got thrown onto my bed. I grabbed some blankets and a pillow and slept on the floor far away from all of them... That was the first time I had three passed out drunken men in my apartment, and it scared me just a wee bit o_O
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