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What fun.

I was heading towards my work this morning, when this madman came speeding by in his car, almost running me over. Said madman was Ma~kun xP He promptly told me to get inside the car, and he'd make it up to me today about what happened the last time. I was touched by his sincerity, and hopped right in.

Actually, I just didn't want to go to work and wear that stupid costume :P

We drove around town that whole morning, an air of uncomfort hanging above us for the first hour. I think I had to make a joke about me being a transvestite to break the ice... Afterwards, he started asking so much questions about sex changes and breast transplants, that I offered him the name of my doctor since he sounded like he wanted to have some done too xPPPP He's such a stupidhead.

I spent the whole day with him. I think he seemed to be just distracting himself from something... ~shrugs~ I don't know. I just got the feeling he was trying to keep his mind off other things that were bothering him, but I didn't bring it up. Why make him talk about it when he wanted to get away from it, neh? ^^; Besides, I wanted to have fun, too.

Around the evening, I took him to my other work at the bar. He happily took advantage of the free drinks that was offered to him by my co-workers. Hisa kept winking and nudging at me. ~rolls eyes~ Bah-- Ma~kun's not that cute when he starts to get very drunk... In which he did. I decided we were going to walk after that, and made Hisa watch Ma~kun's car for the night.

When we left the bar, Ma~kun got this brilliant idea that since it was Halloween, we should go trick or treating. I told him there was a problem with that-- Japan doesn't celebrate Western-style Halloween, exactly.... He slurred something about watching cable the other day, and seeing a movie on it so he knew exactly what we were supposed to do. I gave up trying to explain things to him, and just indulged him ~sweatdrops~

Somehow, he ended up crossdressing for his costume, and I had to put on my tomboy-wear again. He said he looked more like a girl now that his hair is longer than mine. Hey, I wasn't gonna argue with that one :P He did look quite pretty, though...~grins~ Well, as expected, we didn't go past a block from my place before I decided we should just... stop before we scare anymore people, and the police gets on our cases...

I dragged him up here in my apartment. While I was fixing myself up in my room, I think he tried to get online on my computer... but he passed out. I dragged him to the sofa, where he's now sleeping peacefully.

~rolls eyes~


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