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I was browsing around the nearby bookstore today when I came across the Yuki Eiri shrine. Oh, I mean, aisle ^-^ Tee hee. Out of curiousity, since I never really picked up any of his books (cuz I hold no interest in the genre he wrote), I randomly pulled one out and started reading it. I couldn't read past ten pages...

Well, it certainly seems he's very talented with words... and... words o.O;;;


~yawns~ I'm tired. I can't sleep too well lately. I feel extremely restless... like something's calling to me but I can't figure out what it is, or who... I dream about my oniisan a lot, though, but it's never anything bad... it's just dreams. Past childhood memories when we actually had a semblance of a good time with each other, the rare moments when life didn't seem too horrible... and we were allowed to be carefree...

~blinks~ Ah, gomen ^^; I seem to slip into these weird thoughts a lot too, lately. It happens when I don't sleep right...
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