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Silly men.

A week ago, I ran into Ma~kun's friend at the store... Ken~san. Er, I had no idea who he was, really, but he just started talking to me randomly. At first, I thought he was trying to hit on me and I was about to inch away, but he finally mentioned he was Ma~kun's friend.

My thought was, Ohhhh THAT Ken... :D

He was wary of me at first... I detected some sort of suspicious and resentment... He kind of loosened up when we walked back out the parking lot together. ~shrugs~

Then I told him to get some rest, he looks like he's been not getting sleep-- told him to give his pained heart a little bit of peace while he sleep, then he can deal with things better. He seemed a little surprise at the comment. I took out a card and told him to call me if he needed to talk. I kinda pitied the guy, I guess. I have a soft spot with men and their love problems, maybe? ^_~ lol

Last night, he finally called me up. And apologized to me a lot, because he thought Ma~kun was having an affair with me >_>; I almost started laughing-- I mean, Ma~kun is adorable and sweet, but... I don't think we were meant for each other like that ^^; I told him there was no harm done... I wasn't insulted or anything, and he seemed relieved. Told him he owed me a drink, though, for thinking I was some sort of hoebag. ;D
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